3 Very Awesome (and famous) Jiu Jitsu Matches

If you go to youtube and type in “awesome jiu jitsu match”, you’re going to find a lot of good ones and a lot of backyard matches that are horrible.  Look long enough though, and you’ll find some great ones.  Here are my personal top 3 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu matches that are great examples of high-level game.


This is a great high level match, and anyone that is familiar with Garcia’s game knows that just being able to get him off your back is next to impossible – which Renzo does…hell, there’s even a summer-sault at 0:27.


This is one of the most absolute and insane displays of grappling I’ve ever seen.  These two pretty much get each other into every jitz move imaginable in a fight, then promptly escape.  Their technique is awesome, their quickness is better and their escapes are textbook…you have to see it to believe it.


If you’ve ever been locked in a Kimura (reverse-ude-garami), you know it hurts like nothing else.  It gets its name from Masahiko Kimura after he locked (and broke) Helio Gracie’s arm in their match on October 23, 1951.  Helio also stated after the match that Kimura had rendered him unconcious multiple times through the match, which was Kimura’s plan – to knock out Helio with Judo throws, which didn’t work.

This match is significant because Masahiko Kimura is considered by many to be the best Judoka that’s ever lived.  Conversely, Helio Gracie is considered the father of present-day Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Although the whole fight isn’t archived anywhere (nor the kimura lock), there still exists a lot of the fight, especially a moment at 0:14 where Kimura, who had the best O-soto-gari ever, gives a textbook one to Helio to start the ground fight.

All images and video in use under section 107 of the U.S. copyright “fair use” law for purposes of education and critique.  Thanks to the youtube providers for their links.

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