21 Anonymous Quotes From BJJ Students


I love hearing how BJJ has affected people’s lives, be it for the better or worse.  Like the 11 things that your instructors won’t tell you, I figured that students had the same secrecy and skeletons in the closet.  So I interviewed some students from various schools and across reddit.com and have compiled a list of quotes from BJJ students.  Some are good, some are bad, some are…well…common, but mostly I just gave people a chance to get anything off their chest.  Surprisingly, a lot of these are fairly universal. Here they are:


1- “I enjoy competing and have had mixed success over the years – the stresses leading up to competition and waiting for your division to be called…it’s burning me out”  ~Kiyoshi Perkins


2- “Sometimes it seems like my instructor gives more attention to pretty girl-students than guys.  It makes me wonder if I’m starting to hate  jiu jitsu, or just starting to hate it at my gym” ~Anonymous


3- “I told my friends that I met my (now) wife while training BJJ.  Most of them started free-week-trials after that to ‘meet hot chicks’.  It’s cool that they started, not cool that now I know they all dig my wife”  ~ Anonymous


4- “I got my purple belt a couple of years back.  A few months ago I got breast implants and now people want to roll with me ten-times as much. They say it’s because it’s a challenge.  I doubt that’s why”  ~ Anonymous


5- “I don’t care what they say, you can’t just lose your ego.  What you can do is flow, be a good partner and be a good sport about losing or getting tapped, but that’s not losing your ego, that’s being a good sport.  If you could ditch your ego, nobody would care about losing, and everyone cares to some degree about losing”  ~Martin


6- “We have a cop that trains at our gym.  He’s a white belt and I’m a purple.  Honestly I love kicking his ass” ~ Anonymous


7- “Taking my son to his jiu jitsu class is the best part of my day.  It wears him out and I can talk with adults which is a rarity as a single parent.  I love jiu jitsu and I don’t even do it”  ~ Anonymous


8- “My gym has cliques…it feels more like high school than training” ~ Anonymous


9- “I don’t tell people that I train jiu jitsu.  Half of them call me derogatory terms for ‘rolling around with dudes’ and the other half think it’s ‘kraughty'” ~Anonymous


10- “I shiver on the couch after a vigorous training session.  No amount of blankets help” ~Anonymous


11- “Trained at a new gym, hadn’t trained in a while, spewed up and blocked the toilet.  Exited quickly never to be seen again” ~Anon


12- “I lost my first gi match, but as soon as I walked off the mat, my son ran up to me, hugged me, and said ‘great job, mommy! I proud of you! Kisses!'”  ~Anonymous


13- “I dated someone in my jiu jitsu class.  We eventually broke up and he stopped coming due to financial hardships.  He was well-liked and I got blamed for him not coming anymore….I had to switch gyms” ~Anonymous


14- “Some guys are nervous about rolling with me…I can tell which ones are uncomfortable and which ones are afraid of their ego getting smeared” ~Anonymous (female)


15- “I saw a guy during open mat that had horrible athlete’s foot.  It was cracked, white and gross.  I asked if he thought it was smart to be training with feet that bad and he got embarrassed.  After he left I scrubbed the mats myself and told the head instructor about his gross feet.  He never came back and I don’t know if it’s because of me…probably is” ~Anonymous


16- “Jiu jitsu got me to quit smoking.  My instructor would smell smoke on me and kick my ass, but tactfully.  He would use me as the example on techniques and would roll with only me during open mat.  He literally kicked the habit out of me”  ~Howard V.


17- “I’m a female and sometimes our guy members’ girlfriends will come and watch when it’s time to roll.  If they’re not bored and texting, they’re watching me and giving me bitchy looks…even if I’m just sitting on the side of the mat”  ~Anonymous


18- “Everyone says that they don’t feel they deserve their belt.  I just got my brown and fought a tournament where they combined brown and purple.  I lost every single match…I was the only brown”  ~Anonymous


19- “When I get posted in a triangle, the pressure makes me fart 80% of the time.  If it’s silent, I won’t say anything”   ~Anonymous


20- “There’s nothing like the feeling of clipping your toenails in the parking lot right before class”  ~ Eddie Watkinson


21- “I’ve pulled guard and purposefully tried to injure the other competitor…only because I knew he was better than me and I’d lose.  It makes me feel like a terrible person” ~ Anonymous



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