Top 6 Places That Prove Evil Is Alive And After Your Soul

Do you know why we as a people like weird stuff?  Because it goes against what we know as real and feasible.  We like anything that can prove reality is something we don’t completely fathom…like why Lindsay Lohan is still somehow not in jail, or why Keith Richards isn’t a vampire yet.  Here are the top 6 locations that are evil and possibly alive.

#6 DEVIL’S BATH (Wai-O-Tapu, New Zealand)


Here’s how I understand this…the Devil doesn’t actually bathe here.  If he did, I wouldn’t suggest going because, well…Devil.

The Devil’s bath is a green pool of water, sulfur and other minerals given up through volcanic activity.  It’s located in New Zealand and seems to be quite the tourist attraction.  However…if you’ve ever taken a whiff of sulfur, you’ll know that this thing smells worse than it looks…as in 10,000 rotten eggs worse.

But, if you’ve ever wanted to see something straight out of a James Bond movie, this would be it.  Depending on the review of this joint, I hear that you can’t actually take a dip in this green little bubbling pond because you’ll burn.

That being said, I am extremely surprised that I haven’t come across an article where some youtuber pushes his buddy in with the goal of generating views, although I’ll be the first to admit that I’d upvote it.

#5 ISLAND OF THE DOLLS (Somewhere in Mexico)

Shown: Weird

A little south of Mexico City, Mexico is where you’ll find about the creepiest place that has ever creeped around being creepy.  It’s called “La Isla de la Munecas” which translates adorably into “The Island of the Dolls”.

As the story goes, a man named Don Julian Santana decided to separate from his wife and live his life in solitude on an island. Once on that island, he supposedly was so distraught with the spirit of a little girl who had drowned in one of the many surrounding canals that he began collecting dolls and started hanging them around the island to make her happy or comfort her or whatever they were supposed to do.  Some people even say he was crazy and collected the dolls because he thought they were real drowning children…in which case hanging them from trees to dry them out would seem counter-productive.

Regardless of Don’s children-drying habits, he is dead now and his island is open for soul-taking.  I wouldn’t suggest going there at night…visitors say the dolls whisper.

#4) HELL’S DOOR (Kara Kum Desert, Turkmenistan)

hellsgateIn 1971, Soviet geologists were drilling for gas deposits in Derweze, Turkmenistan.  At some point, the ground collapsed and ate everything up and the remaining hole began emitting natural gas – as gas deposits are wont to do.  Rather than get poisoned, the geologists decided to light the gas and let it burn out.  Unfortunately, it never went out – for the last 40-plus years.  So the geologists just kind of left and never came back.

The hole lights up the desert and can be seen from miles away…effectively making the world’s biggest and scariest night-light.  It is roughly 230 feet across and gets quite a few visitors per year.  See those two little dots in front of the hole in the picture?  Those are people, so bring your marshmallows, you’ll have more than enough fire to cook ’em.


Free candy

Helltown wasn’t always named “Helltown”, it was named “Boston” (yes, I’m serious).  So Boston, Ohio eventually became the subject of a huge eminent domain seizure in order to make a park.  The result is a literal ghost town with many houses left abandoned in decent condition – just boarded up…which of course leads to an overgrown and scary place…the kind of place that gets in your head and makes you sepll thnigs werid, leik tihs.

Shown in the picture is Stanford road…otherwise known as the “Highway to Hell”.  Go down that road and you’ll be well on your way to legends such as ghostly men that smoke cigarettes, a tree that moves, supposed occults and mutants.

One of the more freakier things is the Boston Mills Road Bridge…which is a “crybaby” bridge.  I didn’t know what a crybaby bridge was, so I looked it up.  Apparently according to legend it is exactly what you would think…a bridge from where you can hear the sounds of babies crying, or a bridge from where a baby had been thrown, which I guess was a common practice once upon an insane time.


Evil (sky view)

On April 26, 1986, in Chernobyl, Ukraine, one of the worst nuclear incidents on record occurred because nobody knew what the fuck they were doing.  Nuclear reactor #4 showed a massive spike in temperature (not normal) and eventually exploded after a Looney Toons sequence of events.  The worst part?  The reactor was running normally before anyone ever messed with it – they actually shut it down to test an emergency cooling system which made it explode.

I’m not going to pretend I know all the facts because I don’t – just what I can find about the operator-error-series-of-events, and although this was a tragedy, try to imagine a bunch of Ukrainian reactor engineers running around in 2x speed correcting one error with another error while listening to yakety sax…it’s hilarious.

Unfortunately, the reactor did explode and the nearby town of Pripyat was evacuated…and has been for the last 40 years…my understanding is that some people chose to stay, and those people are either dead from radiation or don’t need to dress up for Halloween anymore.  Here is another picture of Pripyat in case you’re not creeped out yet, keep in mind…nobody is here:

Evil (evil view)

Yea so…you can pretty much visit any of the places on this list except this one…I wouldn’t go to this one.  In fact, I wouldn’t go to the next one either…you know, unless, well…

#1) AOKIGAHARA – Suicide Forest

Evil (shown fertilized)

Most of the pictures of Aokigahara are pretty disturbing…so feel free to look them up if you’d like – they’re pretty graphic. It’s known as the place where people go to hang themselves.  So much so, that the authorities make an annual sweep through the forest with the sole purpose to collect the bodies…I would also assume that this is also the day where most authorities call-in sick.

It’s estimated that around 100 people per year enter the forest and don’t come out…March being the peak time to off-oneself.  The phenomenon is so popular, that it is only second in terms of suicides to San Francisco’s golden gate bridge, and authorities actually stopped publicizing the number of suicides per year in order to detract more people from going in and hanging themselves.  This would be one of those times where you would want to stand up for your individuality and not “follow the crowd”…because the crowd is killing themselves, you see.

As mentioned before, you’re welcome to visit this place as the only thing stopping you from entering is a sign that urges you to seek help in the event you’re entering to kill yourself.



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