My Favorite Choke: The Okuri-Eri-Jime (Bow and Arrow to you Jiu Jitsu cats)

Ok, so check this out, compliments of The Human Weapon:

I killa you

This is the Okuri-Eri-Jime.  It’s my favorite choke.  Note the grey guy with his left leg over the other grey guy’s waist.  Also note the expression on the grey guy’s face.  What you can’t see, is the grey guy’s left hand holding the grey guy’s left leg.  I know, you’re confused.  Just messin’ with ya, here is a more realistic depiction – minus aliens:

This picture comes from grapplearts, and obviously shows an old man being choked by a girl.  Depending on your old-mannedness, this could or could not be a good thing.  Judging by this gentleman’s face, it’s bad.  That’s how you know a choke is locked in and good;  you make a face like a baby that just got served strained peas for breakfast.  Usually it’s followed by some kind of deep, guttural “aruglglghgh” sound as well.

 The Okuri-Eri-Jime (Bow and Arrow) is a beautiful choke.  There is one aspect of a variation (how specific) that I love…again, see the old man being choked picture for reference.  What I like about this is the spinal isolation.  Note the woman’s left leg over the choking old man’s hip.  This is serving as her fulcrum.  Being blocked from view by his flailing arm is her left arm, most likely underhooking his leg.  This curves his body.  In case you haven’t noticed, moving your body when its curved doesn’t work. It’s like trying to have sex in the fetal position. 

Anyway, now that the victim, I mean “uke” is isolated from movement, you’re free to choke.  just grab onto his lapel with a thumb-in grip (you should already have this)and pull your elbow back.  What isn’t shown in the picture is the right leg.  I learned this choke by bringing the right leg over uke’s right shoulder and using it as leverage to “stretch them out”…in other words, using my ass muscle to push down while I pull up with the right arm…this is a technique that we refer to at Hidden Valley MMA as “ripping their head off”.

There is one problem with this choke; my desire to get it often leads me to give up a fantastic position.  What I mean is that I’ll have someone’s back – hooks in and everything.  Rather than go for the basic RNC or O-E-J (my new acronym for this), I’ll go directly for that “variation” with the spine isolation.  Is it bad?  Not really, it’s part of my game.  What is bad, is that I’ve lost it at times and lost the back in doing so.  I have to tighten that up.  But now for the good – When you get this, that gurgling sound and laser-fast tapping from your opponent is a feeling only topped by two things: Winning the lottery and fetal-position sex.

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