Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt Progressive Guard (Pass)

Ok, time is getting closer to my test…here is a demonstration of the Sylvio Behring Progressive guard system…or as they say in Swahili, “Some badass shit.” (Props to John Valentine, Don Newman and me (halfway through)).

Ok ok, I jumped the gun, that’s the first portion of the PG, the part required for promotion to blue belt.  That’s the part that teaches you how to keep someone at bay (at/in guard).  The second part is the part required for purple (along with the first).  This part is how to pass the s.o.b. that’s keeping you at bay.

*BOOM* headshot

NOT shown is the self-defense portion which is a whole new animal in and of its own, so we’ll get to that in a later post.  Most people see the progressive guard and see it as that “useless” part of Behring Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  It absolutley is not.  For instance, my game is a solid for where I’m at.  Does it need work?  Of course, but now its more of beginning to combo and fine-tune what I know while picking up a new technique here and there.  The PG isn’t like “kata” in karate…who ever kicked someone’s ass or prevented a burglary with “kata”?  I’ve been to NAGA and actually used to progressive guard and PG pass. 

Here’s the deal.  If you knock someone down and their feet come up, what’s your first instinct beside to not get kicked in the money-maker?  I wouldn’t have known either.  The progressive guard and pass shows you what you should do to get by that guard and either attack or prevent attack, all the while saving those beautiful lips of yours to kiss your next relationship goodbye once they get jealous of your friends…but I digress…

Ouside of a barfight where the only outcomes are usually a one punch kinda-knockout or two drunk crazies closing their eyes and walking at each other with both arms swinging like propellers, you’ll probably be in a situation where once of you may end up on the ground.  Think about it, if someone steals your wallet and trips and you come up on him, are you just going to leave while he’s on the ground waiting for you to make your move with legs-a-firin’?  No way…that’s MY wallet…and God forbid if you just made off with my new sad box toy.

Everyone wants to eat me (think abouuuut it)

The PG is a demonstration, but the great thing is that you find yourself using it, and that = rad.  Check out some demonstrations on youtube, you’ll find them pretty effective and absolutly cool. 

Speaking of rad, NAGA in SLC March 2nd…be there or be square….or better yet, be traingle…or triangle someone else!  Out.

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