5 Crazy and Uncomfortable Talk Show Moments

Before the time of talk shows that survive solely on their ability to produce orchestrated fights, there were real talk shows.  Johnny Carson, David Letterman, Jay Leno – the types of late-night interviews with celebrities that fans would get something from. We would get a little personal insight to a celebrity to see who they really were and we would crack a smile when we found out that we actually liked them as a person.

Sometimes that celebrity uses the interview as a tool to get recognition, or maybe they had a bad day, or maybe they really are just douchebags.  Regardless, here are 5 moments when talk shows got a little uncomfortable.

#5 – Andy Dick Keeps Touching Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump is one of those girls that you just kind of don’t touch – even if she likes you.  She’s an heiress to Donald Trump, Executive Vice-President of the Trump Organization, a model, writer and not to mention pretty easy on the eyes.  Touching her without permission is slightly less detrimental to you than sending a hand-written note to the IRS telling them they can go fuck themselves and signing it with a google-earth view of your house.

Andy “Heavy Petter” Dick however is a notorious groper and didn’t really care, so when Ivanka came out as a guest on the Jimmy Kimmel show, he instantly took to rubbing her leg like a genie would pop out and grant his wish of moving his hand a little higher without interference.

Jimmy, being aware of Andy’s antics, jumped up and laughed it off while pulling Andy away. Credit to Ivanka as well for continuing with the interview until he touches her again at which point the security team and Jimmy drag him off the show.


#4 – Jim Rome Calls Jim Everett A Girl

In 1994, Jim Rome had NFL quarterback Jim Everett on his talk show.  Unfortunately for Everett, Rome had a habit of calling him “Chris” in reference to female tennis star Chris Everett, supposedly in response to Jim Everett’s habit of shying away from big hits.  Unfortunately for Rome, Everett is a big dude and doesn’t like being called a girl.

The interview never even really starts.  The first exchange goes something like this:

Rome: Jim, good to have you on the show.

Everett: It’s good to be here, Jim, thank you.

Rome: Check that, CHRIS Everett

Everett: You know what….you’ve been calling me that for the last 5 years…


…and you can pretty much guess how the rest of the exchange went.


#3 – Andy Dick Molests Pamela Anderson…At Her Roast

I know, you have a feeling that the Kimmel show may have been a bit of a setup.  Well, there’s probably a reason that Kimmel was so quick to get Andy off the show, especially with someone with such a powerful father sitting next to him.  Look no further than Andy groping Pam Anderson to the point that everyone just stops laughing while he pretends that he’s shooting space aliens with her tits.

Space aliens.  With her tits.  Ironically enough, it’s Jimmy Kimmel hosting the whole thing.  You can start from the beginning if you’d like or just jump straight to the 2:50 mark to see what should be a training video on how to creep out an entire events center in slightly over a minute.


#2 – Jerry Lawler Slaps Andy Kaufman

Let’s get something clear, Andy Kaufman was notorious for his over-the-top antics, so this was more than likely a setup, but then again he was a master of making you question what you just saw – kind of like the first time you were mooned.

Andy and WWF wrestler Jerry “The King” Lawler fought an exhibition wrestling match because Andy liked to go on about how fake wrestling was.  During that match, Andy injured his neck (maybe?) and was invited on the David Letterman show along with Lawler.  After some back and forth, Lawler gets upset with Andy, stands up and slaps him out of his chair all to the surprise of David Letterman.  The show quickly goes to commercial and comes back to Andy screaming a bunch of words at Jerry – none of which have been approved for television since it has existed – and ends up throwing Letterman’s drink in Lawler’s face.

Set up or not, this is a classic Andy Kaufman situation and Letterman’s demeanor through the whole thing is priceless, he obviously wasn’t in on any supposed planning.


#1 – Hulk Hogan Breaks Richard Belzer’s Brain

In case #2 didn’t get the point across, professional wrestlers don’t really like to be told that what they do is fake – such is the same mistake of Richard Belzer in 1984. Hulk Hogan and Mr. T were guests on Richard Belzer’s talk show when he implied that what they do is fake.  Hogan replied by putting Belzer in a choke hold at Belzer’s request to prove the legitimacy of wrestling – which he did.

Unfortunately, once unconscious Hogan just dropped Belzer onto the studio floor which cracked his head open to the point it required stitches, proving once again that Hogan is probably the last person you’d want to put you into bed after a bender.

What’s amazing is that after Mr. T explains to the shocked studio audience that Belzer is “just sleepin'” rather than “dead”, Hogan does the classic movie-proven way of waking someone up by slapping his face, which not only wakes Belzer up but also fast-forwards him 10 full minutes into the future to where he is flawlessly and energetically going to commercial break while his brains leak out of his head.  Trust me, you’re not the only one asking yourself what just happened here…



All videos used under section 107 of the US copyright law “fair use”, in this case used for commenting, education and analysis





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