GAS: One Of The Cheapest Liquids You Buy (I’m not kidding)

I hate paying for gas.  I especially hate paying for gas when I’m watching me actually pay for it.  I sit there and pump my car full of its food and as the numbers flick by on the gas pump, they turn to a blur.  Somewhere between the flickering numbers of “$22.52” and “$52.06” I swear the display flashes a quick “LOL” and “F*CK YOU” before continuing on with the count of numbers that are inversely proportional to the weight of my wallet.

So I decided to look around my house and the internet and look at any liquid I could find and convert the volume and price into how much it would be per gallon instead of little bottles (such as shampoo/superglue etc).  Yes, I know that you get a discount for ordering things in volume, and I’m aware that different products are priced differently in different regions yada yada… so these prices aren’t dead on, but it’s interesting to’s the formula I used:

1 gallon = 128 fluid ounces (US)

x = (128/S) x P  

x = price per gallon

S = ounces in the product

P = price of the product (single, not bulk, online or local store)

You’ll be surprised at how cheap gas really is when compared to this stuff…for the record, gas is roughly $3.70/gal at the moment

distilled water

DISTILLED WATER  (if purchased online):$7.00/GAL



scott vincent jelly lubricant


scott vincent deer piss hunting gallon

DEER PISS: $355.84/gal

superglue scott vincent gallon mma nuclearchainsaw

SUPERGLUE: $1,081/gal

acqua di gio scott vincent nuclerchainsaw smell like what does


bbq bar be que sauce

BBQ SAUCE: $49.90/gal

worm poop shit

WORM SHIT: $5.95/gal

patron shot glass


how cold does liquid nitrogen get

LIQUID NITROGEN: $0.22-$0.50/gal

Yep, the stuff that can freeze pretty much anything is 17 times cheaper than fuel…go figure.

all images used under section 107 of the US copyright stipulation “fair use” for the purpose of education and critisism or through means of royalty-free images

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5 replies

  1. But you get more miles out of KY gel…….

  2. You forgot beer 😉

  3. How much for a gallon of Summer’s Eve?

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